Simplicity and Craftsmanship

Founded in 2005, Sundstrom is an online fashion retailer specializing in the elegantly understated. Headquartered in New York City and serving a global clientele, Sundstrom embodies a way of life, attiring garçonnes for work and play, for moments of emotional spontaneity and focused calm, for where you are and where you'll be.

Our designs do not confine to fashion - we simply aspire to provide high quality, well-designed essentials for the right price. We work with a minimalistic philosophy, as we believe sustainability and durability are better for us and our world.

In 2015 we translated the Sundstrom philosophy into a flagship store in the heart of New York City. The Sunstrom HQ store combines our taste, aesthetics and culture in a shopping environment designed in collaboration with studiojosvandijk. Next to our own Sundstrom products, Sundstrom store offers a carefully curated selection of clothing, footwear and accessories from external brands with characteristics that match our standards of essential, timeless quality.

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3713 - 34A Ave
Edmonton, AB T6L 4Z1

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